Fans of BK 0010(01) can download here my new emulator for Windows 95/98/2000/XP

- window & fullscreen working mode
- now in 2.6 version 99% bk 0010(01) games compatibility
- internal debuger with breakpoints, memory dumping etc.
- not bad sound emulation
- covox support
- soft parameters tuning
- printer support
- joystick support
- RAM state save
- Disk support (Disk controller compatible with Basic) - working with 3 dos format disk images (Micro-DOS, MKDOS, AODOS, ANDOS)
Now detailed documentation in packet

Download Emulator v2.6 - (2.0 Mb with Installer)
ReadMe for Emulator
MFS format
BK 0010(01) Programming
BK games collection - (1.2Mb) Unpack in bk emulator directory
BK games collection 2 - (1.7Mb) Unpack in bk emulator directory

- new emulator version 3.0
very fast (tested on P120Mhz)
best screen emulation
best sound emulation (no dropped samples, no noise)
now tape load and save emulation (tape manager)
drag&drop support
powerful intenal debugger
- more features, more games
- asm for bk 0010(01) in Visual Studio style

Download Emulator v3.0 (Update 27 13.01.2005) - 5Mb 
Download Emulator v3.0 ZIP (Update 27 13.01.2005) - 5Mb 
Download Emulator v3.0 (Demo) (Update 29 29.04.2005) - 1Mb (MFC 71) support 
Download Emulator v3.1 (Update 4 19.09.2005) - 500Kb

In latest version fixed DirectSound driver bug ocuured during sound playing.
Now sound must be perfect. Please e-mail me if something wrong.

Download Emulator 3.0 Documentation

bk emulator

Download Emulator 3.0 Source Code

List soft

New very useful tool for my emulator BK Disk Explorer v 1.3

- very  simple and friendly interface
- full drag & drop support
- compatible with MicroDOS, MKDOS, AODOS, ANDOS
- internal bkdoc viewer

BK Disk Explorer tool - (150 Kb)


want more original Games from BK 0010(01) on your PC
By Yuriy Kalmykov 2005. kalmykov(at)
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